Action Plan

Action plans are an important part of diabetes care and can be incorporated with the use of CGM.

  • Consider making this action plan a template that can be adapted to a format that works for your practice. Consider utilizing drop down options, fill-in spaces, etc. to easily update, save, share, and print. For example:
    • Column 1 Color Code: All spaces should have a drop down to color Red, Yellow, or Green
    • Column 2 Metric: Drop down options for all metrics that you consider applicable (GMI, average glucose, etc), plus ‘other’ for write-in metric(s)
    • Columns 3 and 4 Current Values and Goals: Numeric scale for values/percentages (or HCP to write in)
    • Column 5-7 Actions–Medication/Meals/Lifestyle: Write-in boxes with sufficient space to provide clear recommendations
  • Use the second page of this action plan to paste the AGP report for reference
  • As patients and HCPs review the AGP Report, actions can be easily entered, adjusted, and finalized as part of shared decision-making. Saved and/or printed copies can be referred to during subsequent visits.

CGM Action Plan Based on Person with Diabetes and HCP Review of AGP Report



Download PDF Template

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