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    Activating Obesity Diagnosis

    This FREE course is created to empower clinical endocrinologists, primary care physicians, and the broad endocrine care team to recognize that obesity is a serious and chronic disease, understand the rationale for an obesity diagnosis to start conversations with patients about obesity as a serious disease, and diagnose obesity as a chronic disease.

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    Treatment of Obesity for Primary Care: From Diagnosis to Care Management

    CME: 3.5 Nursing: 3.5

    In this comprehensive program, esteemed faculty members will delve into cutting-edge presentations, including the use of Anti-Obesity Medications (AOM) for significant weight loss, the resolution of obesity complications, and the integration of combination therapies with SGLT-2, GLP-1, and other groundbreaking therapeutics.

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    AACE Certificate Main Banner

    AACE Certificate: Fundamentals of Diabetes Technology

    CME: 6 Nursing: 6

    This introductory and comprehensive online certificate program will explore diabetes technology, including continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), remote glucose monitoring, insulin pumps, and connected insulin pens. 

    Engaged member: $175 | Informed member: $235 | Base Price: $295


Together, We Are AACE



We are a global, inclusive community of endocrine-focused clinical members, affiliates and partners from every walk of professional life. We promote both formal and informal knowledge-sharing through our publications and education- and communication-focused programs. We pride ourselves in offering a uniquely personal experience that gives every member of our community a voice. Learn More

Our mission is elevating the practice of clinical endocrinology to improve global health.Learn More

We are the organization focused on endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolism that is most:

  • Recognized worldwide for its clinical leadership

  • Valued by clinical endocrinologists and other healthcare professionals

  • Trusted by patients

  • Respected by healthcare decision-makers and the public

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I am proud to be an AACE member and to witness the continued growth of this organization.

Dr. Matthew Levine

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One of our great strengths is our diversity: our growing AACE community represents a huge wealth and resource of people of diverse backgrounds.

Dr. Leslie Eldeiry

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I am excited about our AACE and the place for clinical endocrinology in tomorrow’s health care ecosphere.

Dr. Sethu Reddy

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