Topic Nominations


The Clinical Practice Guidelines Oversight Committee considers topics for new guidelines and consensus statements submitted by AACE members based on 1) relevancy of topic for AACE membership, 2) potential for topic to address gaps in practice, and 3) potential for topic to improve clinical practice, as well as organizational priorities, projects in queue, and available resources (e.g., budget, staff).

In the AACE topic nomination form, the submitter must provide the scientific/clinical rationale, prevalence, and relevancy of the proposed topic; describe advancements, new studies, or changes in practice or public policy for proposed updates; and suggest other organization(s) for collaboration in development, if relevant.

If a proposal is approved, the AACE member who nominated the topic may apply to be considered for selection as a chair or an author, but submission does not guarantee participation in development. Empanelment would be conducted by an independent workgroup. All applicants must be approved by the Conflicts of Interest Subcommittee, then the assigned empanelment workgroup, the Clinical Practice Guidelines Oversight Committee, and receive final approval of the AACE president according to the AACE Conflicts of Interest and AACE Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policies.


Please complete the following form to propose a topic for development of an AACE guidance document: new clinical practice guideline, guideline update, new consensus statement, or consensus statement update. This information will help the AACE Clinical Practice Guidelines Oversight Committee to grade the proposal and prioritize development of the topic if accepted.

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Topic Nomination Form for AACE Guidance Document by AACE Members

Rationale for Title/Topic and Proposed Clinical Question(s)

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If collaborating with another organization, how do you recommend that organization be involved?

Note: Collaboration is at the discretion of AACE leadership and approved by the AACE Executive Committee.