Research Solutions

AACE Research Solutions

Research is an essential method for understanding a target audience. AACE’s Research Solutions are designed to expand knowledge and gain insights from practicing endocrinologists and endocrine care team members.

CertificateFocus Groups (in-person or virtual)

Focus groups provide insight into the experiences and perspectives of like-minded clinicians through in-person or virtual round table discussions. These 60-minute sessions follow a discussion guide to solicit the desired information and reaction from 6-8 participants.

CertificateIn-Depth Interviews

In-depth interviews offer more detailed feedback for better data collection, as recruited respondents have more time and opportunity to share feelings and perspectives. Since respondents tend to express themselves more freely, the interviewer can probe and obtain far-reaching responses. These 45-minute interviews follow an interview guide to solicit the desired information from 5 participants.


Surveys provide the opportunity to collect real-time data on behaviors, needs, and opinions from endocrinologists and care team members to inform business decisions. AACE identifies a subset of their 28,000+ community for optional participation in a 10-minute survey, as a way for organizations to obtain quantitative data from their target market.

CertificateResearch Panels

Online research panels can provide both qualitative and quantitative data in real time, and deeper insights over time. Panelists are screened in advance to create a pool of respondents who accurately represent the target audience – and can be used for online surveys, concept testing, focus groups, and in-depth interviews. People who have agreed to be part of an online research panel tend to be more committed and involved than people who have been recruited on a one-off basis. 

All programs are customized based on customer goals and objectives. To discuss a research solution for your organization, contact Debbie Greif, Chief Business Development Officer, [email protected].