Message from AACE President Dr. Sethu Reddy
"The measure of intelligence is the ability to change" - Albert Einstein


Dear friends,

I am grateful to have this opportunity to serve our American Association of Clinical Endocrinology as President. The founders of AACE were concerned about the future viability of clinical endocrinology and the stability of an entrepreneurial medical model. Today, organizational medicine has evolved to an employee model and evolving demographics have emphasized the importance of female colleagues and international medical graduates. We must remain entrepreneurial in spirit, leading and innovating to provide the best possible patient care.

Change is not always easy. As we contemplate our daily work and interprofessionalism, let us not get stuck in quicksand of our tactics but instead be focused on our mission of improving our patients’ lives.

Following Sir William Osler’s advice, I promise you I will show up daily to advance the cause of AACE. I’m inspired by all of our volunteer colleagues and our committed staff to get things done.

Over the past five years, AACE has significantly advanced our organizational operations, survived more than two years of a pandemic, re-branded to be more inclusive and forward-thinking, energized win-win relationships for our industry partners and patients, and began to build bridges to fellow American endocrinologists and team members as well as our colleagues around the globe. Now, as the world reopens, we’re ideally positioned to kick-start our eminence in global clinical endocrinology.

I’m thrilled to share with you 3 of the goals on our plan.

The first goal is on the topic of endocrine care teams. We are working to further develop endocrinologists as leaders and offering a more inclusive learning environment for all of those on the endocrine care team. Everyone is welcome here at AACE, and we will work to ensure our programs and offerings are inclusive and beneficial to everyone in our community.

The next goal focuses on our patients and the communities we serve. As the leaders in clinical endocrinology, we know that patients and the public can look to us for resources and guidance regarding various aspects of endocrine diseases and conditions, yet we also know that in today’s world patients may look to the internet and find misinformation. Through this strategic goal area, we will work to expand and improve our patient content to further develop AACE as the trusted go-to resource for accurate information.

And lastly, our third goal aims to develop a worldwide presence for AACE in the broader endocrine community. We hope to increase our brand awareness and connections with our counterparts all around the world, on track with our mission of improving global health.

These three areas – endocrine care teams, patient awareness, and worldwide engagement – will be leading the strategic direction of AACE planning over the next several years, and we couldn’t be more excited.

As President, I am committed to advancing our mission of elevating clinical endocrinology to improve global health, and this includes through the formation of task forces and platforms when we can best tackle the hurdles in our practices. I pledge to you that you will have my undivided interest in demonstrating that we are critical to delivering improved global outcomes in the endocrine conditions affecting our populations.

Let’s build bridges. I ask you to join me and AACE in this journey to elevate our profession and improve endocrine care throughout the US and abroad. Together we are AACE.

Thank you.

S. Sethu K. Reddy, MD, MBA, FRCPC, FACP, MACE


S. Sethu K. Reddy, MD, MBA, FRCPC, FACP, MACE


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