Position and Consensus Statements

We bring together experts to examine issues and provide health care professionals with information and guidance.

Position Statements

Our position statements meet rigorous criteria before being published and serve as one of the worlds' most trusted sources for the medical health care field.

Consensus Statements

We bring together key experts and thought leaders on particular endocrine topics to review data and research and ultimately develop a consensus statement. Consensus statements examine several issues that are addressed in order to provide health care professionals information to guide them in treating their patients.


In September 2022, we released a new statement on the clinician and patient relationship. Read the statement here.

Policy Statements

The best interests of endocrinologists and their patients are the focus of our health policy issues and priorities. Learn about our position on a number of timely and critical issues related to patient safety, access to appropriate care, insurance coverage, reimbursement and more.

In 2020, we released a new policy statement on access to diabetes medication and technology. Read the statement here.