New Direct-to-Patient Pharmacy Program Helps Abbvie Provide Thyroid Patients Better Access to Synthroid
August 26, 2020

AbbVie has launched a new SYNTHROID DELIVERS PROGRAM, a direct-to-patient pharmacy program that offers patients a cash-pay option to receive Synthroid consistently and conveniently.

When HCPs choose Synthroid for their patients, the Synthroid Delivers Program will help patients receive brand name Synthroid every time, and at a consistent price. This patient access program is a simple cash program which offers price assurance (patients pay just $25 a month with a 90-day prescription, additional pricing is available for 30-day and 60-day prescriptions), no hassles insurance coverage, prior authorizations, fluctuating out-of-pocket costs, or switching pressures. In addition, patients get free 2-day home delivery with their first prescription upon enrollment as well as resources such as refill reminders, disease state education, and access to a pharmacy team.

To enroll patients in the Synthroid Delivers Program, HCPs simply choose Synthroid Delivers Pharmacy in their EMR, obtain the patient’s consent to receive a text or call, and confirm the patient’s cell phone number in the EMR. Patients will then receive a text and may enroll via the user-friendly website, and Synthroid is delivered for free to their door. HCPs can also enroll patients by phone or fax.

AbbVie continues to be committed to patients. For more information, please visit