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June 2020

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COVID-19 has disrupted many normals in our lives, and in the clinical endocrinology world our ability to connect with each other in person and learn from industry has no doubt been affected by that disruption. It is important to the future of our profession and the patients we serve to keep our connections and learning going, whether it's through virtual or other means. We asked a few industry leaders if there are ways they are helping clinical endocrinologists with resources and updates during this time, and below is a round-up of some of the content we've received.  

Check out the latest updates:


  • Amgen Bone Health: Visit iBoneAcademy, a centralized source for osteoporosis medical education
    • In the US, ~ 1 in 2 women > 50 years old will suffer an osteoporotic fracture in their remaining lifetime. Take a deep dive in Amgen’s downloadable educational videos and slide decks to learn about the pathophysiology of osteoporosis, the burden of the disease, and much more!
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  • Amgen Cardiovascular: Visit LipidLink, an educational resource
    • Explore the critical connection between lower LDL-C and CV risk reduction. View current LDL-C data in high-risk patients in your area using an interactive US Cholesterol heat map (found in the resources section).
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  • Integritas Communications: Live Virtual Webinar Series in July/August 2020
    • ASSIMILATING THE EVIDENCE IN T2DM: Cardiovascular and Renal Outcomes With SGLT2 Inhibitors: This CME-accredited Case-in-Point™ webinar series is designed to address the needs of endocrinologists and other diabetes specialists. Drs. Daniel Einhorn, Serge A. Jabbour, Marc S. Sabatine, and Kumar Sharma will guide participants through a series of representative clinical case scenarios to ensure learners understand the pathophysiologic link between type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and common comorbidities like cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, and heart failure. 
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  • Horizon Therapeutics: Online video education: A Paradigm Shift for the Management of Thyroid Eye Disease (TED)
    • Learn about the importance of early identification and a new treatment approach for Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) management presented by Dr. Raymond S. Douglas and Dr. Terry J. Smith. This presentation is intended for US-based healthcare professionals.
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  • Engage Live With Novo Nordisk
    • Stay connected with Novo Nordisk through our NovoNow virtual-live engagement platform and gain the resources you need to care for your Diabetes patients.
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  • HRA Pharma Rare Diseases: Online learning: Unlocking Adrenocortical Carcinoma (ACC)  Diagnosis and Management
    • HRA Pharma Rare Diseases is a global pharmaceutical company providing therapies for the diagnosis and treatment of rare endocrine diseases. By partnering with the rare disease community, HRA Pharma Rare Diseases remains committed to tackling current challenges, reducing the time to accurate diagnosis, enabling global access to treatment and offering effective options for the long-term management of rare diseases.
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