Help Us Develop A Consensus Statement On Acromegaly — Deadline July 26
June 28, 2022
Consensus Statement On Acromegaly

Call for Chairs, Authors, and a Methodology Fellow to Develop a Consensus Statement on Acromegaly

We're seeking chairs, authors, and a methodology fellow to develop a consensus statement on acromegaly. Consensus statements reflect the mission and opinion of AACE and provide expert guidance on specific and timely clinical topics. While referenced and scholarly, consensus statements do not require systematic appraisal of evidence and follow a consistent yet less rigorous and formal development process than AACE clinical practice guidelines.

Authors should be current AACE members in good standing, active in practice, and able to commit to 1 year of development. Task force members will participate in video conferences, submit work via email, and fulfill ICMJE criteria for authorship.

Chair and Vice Chair will oversee development of the consensus statement from scoping to publication, lead development and consensus meetings with the task force, ensure that the statement reflects best practice based on evidence, and complete the project within assigned timeline to meet the deadline for submission to Endocrine Practice.

Authors will help determine scope, conduct literature searches for assigned sections to identify evidence that supports statements, write evidence-based narrative analyses of assigned sections, and participate in discussions with the task force to achieve consensus on final statements. 

The Methodology Fellow will receive authorship for assistance with identification and selection of evidence and development of the consensus statement as assigned by the chairs.

To qualify for consideration, volunteers for:

  • Chair and Vice Chair will have publications on the guideline topic within the last 5 years (first or senior author preferred)
  • Authors will have publications on the guideline topic within the last 7 years.
    • Mid-Career to Senior-Level Applicants: At least two publications on the guideline topic (first or senior author preferred)
    • Early-Career Applicants: Any two publications (first or senior author preferred)
  • Methodology Fellow: Applicants at any career level may apply; publications are not required.

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