AACE 2020 Elections: Preliminary Notice of Candidates
January 10, 2020

In compliance with the AACE Bylaws°, the AACE Nominating Committee is pleased to notify the membership of the selection of the following preliminary slate of candidates for election to Officer positions for a one-year (1) term. For the Board of Directors, there are five (5) open positions for election to a three-year (3) term (2020-2023), and one (1) open position for a one-year (1) term (2020-2021).

Also, in compliance with the AACE Bylaws, the final slate of candidates will be submitted to the membership for vote by mail-in or electronic ballot at least 60 days (March 10, 2020) prior to the AACE 2020 Annual Business Meeting to be held in conjunction with the AACE Annual Meeting on Saturday, May 9. The final slate will include those candidates selected by the Nominating Committee along with any additional candidates who, in accordance with the AACE Bylaws, may qualify for having their names included on the ballot through the petition process.°° The deadline for nomination by petition is February 9, 2020.

Officer Positions:

President Elect – Felice A. Caldarella, MD, FACP, CDE, FACE (Clinton, NJ)

Vice President – S. Sethu K. Reddy, MD, MBA, FRCPC, FACP, MACE (Mt. Pleasant, MI)

Treasurer – W. Timothy Garvey, MD, FACE (Mountain Brook, AL)

Secretary – Susan L. Samson, MD, PhD, FRCPC, FACE – Houston, TX

Board Positions:

The Committee was pleased with the number of high-quality candidates whose names were submitted for consideration. The Committee made the determination to include six (6) candidates on the ballot. As explained above, there are five (5) open positions on the Board of Directors for a three-year (3) term (2020-2023) and one (1) open position for a one-year (1) term (2020-2021). The nominees are:

Five (5) slots for a three-year (3) term (2020-2023):

Joumana Chaiban, MD, MBA, FACE (Chicago, IL)

Kenneth Izuora, MD, MBA, FACE (Las Vegas, NV)

Matthew J. Levine, MD, FACE (La Jolla, CA)

*Dace L. Trence, MD, MACE (Seattle, WA)

**Guillermo E. Umpierrez, MD, FACP, CDE, FACE (Atlanta, GA)

One (1) slot for one-year (1) term (2020-2021) to fill the unexpired term of Dr. Elizabeth Holt:

Elias S. Siraj, MD, FACP, FACE (Norfolk, VA)

* Former Board Member eligible to be elected for an additional three-year (3) term

**Current Board member eligible for reelection for an additional three-year (3) term

Should you have any questions regarding the election process, please contact Lynn Blanco at the AACE office at [email protected] or (904) 404-4131. Members eligible to vote with an email address will receive an electronic ballot no later than March 10 and have the option of requesting a paper ballot. Those members eligible to vote without an email address will receive a paper ballot.

°The complete text of the AACE Bylaws and election procedures (Chapter 6) can be accessed online here.

°°The AACE Bylaws [Chapter 6, Section 2(c)], provide that nominations for Officer and Board positions may also be submitted by petition from the membership, provided that the candidate otherwise qualifies under the Bylaws and that a separate petition in support of each nominee, signed by at least 1 percent of the AACE members eligible to vote, has been received by the Nominating Committee no later than February 9, 2020 (90 days prior to the Annual Business Meeting).