Physicians’ Two Passions – Patient Care and Songwriting – Harmonize for Diabetes Awareness Song: American Idol Star is Both Singer and Patient

NASHVILLE, TN - Two dedicated endocrinologists, experts in the care of patients with diabetes, have used their songwriting talents to co-write, produce, and record with a former American Idol performer and other recording artists, “Needle-Free”, an anthem of hope for patients with type1 diabetes and a message of awareness of the obstacles those patients face daily.  

The promise of a “needle free” life is music to the ears of people who suffer from type1 diabetes – an autoimmune disease wherein the pancreas does not produce the critical hormone insulin. Since the discovery of insulin in 1921, patients with type1 diabetes have required daily injections of insulin and painful finger stick blood glucose monitoring in order to survive.  However, as “Needle-Free” promises, change is coming with the arrival of needle-free insulin delivery, minimally invasive glucose monitoring, and the exciting possibility of new medications restoring the body’s ability to regenerate insulin-producing cells. 

“Needle-Free” features the soulful voice of American Idol Season 14 contestant Adam Lasher, ( and the pure country stylings of Nashville’s Amanda Jo (, each of whom is living very successfully with type1 diabetes. Co-writer credits include Dr. Mack Harrell, immediate past-president of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE), and endocrinologist Dr. Claresa Levetan, former member of the AACE board of directors, along with Lasher, Amanda Jo, and Nashville songwriter/producer Billy Lee. The track was recorded in Nashville by renowned country-pop producer Kim Copeland. 

“We are thrilled about the quality of the production,” states Dr. Harrell, “and we hope that “Needle-Free” will serve as a springboard for a national conversation on the singular importance of diabetes education in the deployment of new diabetes breakthroughs.”  

Levetan agrees, “The technologies driving the improvement in care for patients with diabetes are enthralling and clearly point to a time in the near future when the lives of insulin dependent diabetes patients can truly be ‘needle-free’.” 

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