Duties and Responsibilities for Officers & Board Members

President – The President serves as Chair, leads the Board and serves as the principal spokesperson for AACE.

President Elect – In the absence or disability of the President, the President Elect will perform the duties of the President and such duties as the Board may prescribe.

Treasurer – The Treasurer oversees the collection and retention of all funds due or accepted by the Association, expends funds under the direction of the Board, submits to the Board an annual financial report, arranges for an audit of the financial records and performs others duties as expected of the Treasurer. If the President Elect is unable to perform the duties of office, the Treasurer (or Secretary) could be appointed interim President Elect by the Board.

Secretary – The Secretary notifies all members in advance of all Association meetings, keeps a record of proceedings of all Business meetings and meetings of the Board, and performs the other duties expected of the Secretary. If the President Elect is unable to perform the duties of office, the Secretary (or Treasurer) could be appointed interim President Elect by the Board.

Board – Members serving on the Board assume voluntary positions and are not directly compensated. However, travel, hotel and meal expenses are paid in accordance with financial policies for all preauthorized activity in connection with official duties, including Board meetings.

There are usually two (2) face-to-face Board meetings each Association year:  in conjunction with Annual Meeting and Fall (September/October). There will be at least three video conference meetings: February, July, and November.

Board members are expected to attend all Board meetings. If an absence is expected, an email must be sent to the President requesting an excused absence. The Board member may be removed at the end of that Association year for violation of the attendance policy.

To actively serve on the Board (or any committee/subcommittee/task force/network), Board members are required to complete the following forms: the Board/Committee/Task Force/DSN Confidentiality, COI Disclosure, and Copyright Assignment Agreement and the Conflicts of Interest (COI) Form. Prior to each Board meeting, an email will request review and update of Conflict of Interest (COI) Form as needed.

Board members are often asked to:

  • Serve as a member of an committee/subcommittee/task force and are responsible for the fiscal aspects of their respective committee assignments in accordance with the budget and fiscal policy.

  • Serve as liaisons to recognized medical organizations and actively participate in national campaigns that promotes the Association’s mission and goals.

  • Attend ad hoc working groups to facilitate completion of special projects.

  • Serve as a moderator for a plenary session or workshop at the Annual Meeting or serve in a similar capacity at a Clinical Symposia.

Responsibilities also include:

Set Organization Direction

  • Strategic Thinking and Planning

  • Set the Organization’s Mission and Vision for the Future

Ensure Necessary Resources

  • Hire Capable Chief Executive Officer

  • Ensure Adequate Financial Resources

  • Promote Positive Public Image

  • Ensure the Presence of a Capable and Responsible Board

Provide Oversight

  • Oversee Financial Management

  • Minimize Exposure to Risk

  • Measure Progress on Strategic Plan

  • Monitor Programs and Services

  • Provide Legal and Moral Oversight

  • Evaluate the CEO and BOD Members