Background and Attributes of AACE Board Members

The AACE Nominating Committee will be looking at the following attributes during the evaluation and selection of candidates for membership on the Board of Directors.


  • Experience and current role

  • Credentials

  • Accomplishments

  • Personal integrity

  • Diversity

  • Previous and current engagement with AACE

  • Free of any significant conflict of interest per AACE’s COI Policy


  • Purpose and Focus

    • Commit to and positively promote the AACE vision, mission, and brand identity.

    • Ensure AACE develops and focuses on strategic priorities in alignment with AACE’s vision, budget, and goals.

    • Provide the Board with perspective that represents the varying interests and concerns of the AACE Community.

    • Available to commit the necessary time requirements throughout the term of service.

  • Leadership & Communications skills

    • Ability to think and plan strategically.

    • Confident in decision-making skills.

    • Provide support, guidance, and clinical expertise to staff as needed.

    • Ensure strict adherence for self and others to Board confidentiality and discretion.

    • Expresses ideas with clarity and brevity.

    • Demonstrates understanding of the issues.

    • Demonstrates persuasiveness.

    • Listens well to others and contributes thoughtfully.

  • Interpersonal Skills

    • Shows interest and respects others' opinions.

    • Shows an understanding of the point of view of others.

    • Treats conflict and disagreements productively and as a healthy aspect of working together to reach the most optimal outcome for AACE.

    • Is appropriately open and professional.

    • Interacts with others (peers on the Board and committees, professional staff and members) with respect and collegiality.

    • Receptive to feedback.

  • Adherence to AACE’s Code of Conduct and Conflicts of Interest Policy.

    • Strong work ethic.

    • Demonstrates the highest standards of ethical behavior.

  • Supports and encourages diversity and inclusion in membership, thought and perspectives.

    • Has the capacity and desire to represent the best interests of AACE.

    • Able to understand and is willing to learn about the critical responsibilities of a Board member (fiduciary duty, duty of care and duty of loyalty).

    • Works collaboratively with others and treats Board members, committee members and staff with respect.