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AACE Disease State Clinical Review: The Clinical Utility of Minimally Invasive Interventional Procedures in the Management of Benign and Malignant Thyroid Lesions

In this review, AACE experts discuss cutting-edge technologies to treat thyroid nodules and some forms of thyroid cancer. This AACE Disease State Clinical Review focuses on:

AACE Position Statement on Off-Label Use and Misuse of Testosterone, Growth Hormone, Thyroid Hormone, and Adrenal Supplements: Risks and Costs of a Growing Problem

Off-label use and misuse of testosterone, GH, thyroid hormone, and adrenal supplements have become increasingly prevalent.

Long-Term Outcomes And Prognostic Factors In Patients With Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma And Bone Metastases

Omer Slook, Sigal Levy, Ilana Slutzky-Shraga, Gloria Tsvetov, Eyal Robenshtok, Ilan Shimon, Carlos Benbassat and Dania Hirsch

Endocrine Practice

A Direct Comparison Of The Ata And Ti-Rads Ultrasound Scoring Systems

Sara Ahmadi, Taofik Oyekunle, Xiaoyin ‘Sara’ Jiang, Randall Scheri, Jennifer Perkins, Michael Stang, Sanziana Roman and Julie A. Sosa

Endocrine Practice

Urinary Iodine Concentration Is Inversely Associated With The Thyroglobulin Antibody

Xinxin Chen, Lulu Chen, Xiaolan Lian, Chao Liu, Zhongyan Shan, Bingyin Shi, Lixin Shi, Nanwei Tong, Jianping Weng, Jiajun Zhao, Yongze Li, Weiping Teng and Shu Wang

Statistical Comparison Of Afirma Gsc And Afirma Gec Outcomes In A Community Endocrine Surgical Practice: Early Findings

R. Mack Harrell, Stephanie A. Eyerly-Webb, Allan C. Golding, Courtney M. Edwards and David N. Bimston

Endocrine Practice

Is It Worth Suppressing Tsh In Low- And Intermediate-Risk Papillary Thyroidcancer Patients Before The First Disease Assessment?

Livia Lamartina, Teresa Montesano, Rosa Falcone, Marco Biffoni, Giorgio Grani, Marianna Maranghi, Laura Ciotti, Laura Giacomelli, Valeria Ramundo, Cristano Lomonaco, Cira Rosaria Di Gioia, Lucia Piernatale, Giuseppe Ronga and Cosimo Durante

Thyroid Nodule Location On Ultrasonography As A Predictor Of Malignancy

Fan Zhang, Oluwaseun Oluwo, Fiorella Beatriz Castillo, Priyadarshini Gangula, Matthew Castillo, Fady Farag, Sibai Zakaria and Tooraj Zahedi

Endocrine Practice

Prognosis Of High-Risk Papillary Thyroid Cancer Patients With Pre-Ablation Stimulated Tg <1 Ng/Ml

Tian Tian, Ying Kou, Rui Huang and Bin Liu

Endocrine Practice

Mar 2019, Vol. 25, No. 3 (March 2019) pp. 220-225

Exposure To The Chinese Famine In Early Life And The Thyroid Function And Nodules In Adulthood

Xiaoya Zheng, Jian Long, Wei Ren, Chun Liu, Qiang Wei, Rong Luo and Yonghong Wang

Endocrine Practice

A Giant Intrathyroidal Mass

Ruiguo Zhang, Zhaowei Meng, Yujie Zhang, Peng Wang and Jian Tan

Endocrine Practice

Evaluation Of Treatment Of Central Hypothyroidism Versus Primary Hypothyroidism In Relation To Levothyroxine Replacement Dose

Débora Zeni, Graziela Rissetti, Bárbara Ongaratti, Júlia Fernanda Pereira-Lima, Carolina Garcia Soares Leães Rech and Miriam da Costa Oliveira

Endocrine Practice

Effect Of Age And Gender On Fasting And Food-Stimulated Levels Of Calcitonin, Parathyroid, And Gastrin Hormones In Healthy Adults

Munther S. Momani, Ayman A. Zayed, Hussam H Alhawari, Enas Abu Salim, Ahmad M Ghazali, Odeh A Dalahmeh, Ahmad Sami Abu Halaweh and Yousef S Khader

Lateral Neck Dissection For Aggressive Variants Of Well-Differentiated Thyroidcancer

Davide Lombardi,Stefano Taboni,Alberto Paderno,Davide Giordano,Francesco Bertagna,Domenico Albano,Verter Barbieri,Giuseppe Spriano,Giuseppe Mercante,Simonetta Piana,Salvatore Bellafiore,Carlo CappelliandPiero Nicolai

Maternal Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone Level In The First Trimester And Sex Ratio At Birth

Xiao Wang, Xiaoting Sun, Lili Yang, Rong Tang, Jing Zhou, Yanjun Huang, Jiexue Pan, Xia Chen, Haiyan Yang, Qianqian Chen, Zimiao Chen and Liangshan Mu

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