Journal Reprints, Copyrights & Permissions

Read on to learn how to get permission to use our content in presentations or for distribution.


We do not allow permission to reuse entire articles in print or online; however, reprints are available for purchase. Contact Kim Silverman via email or call (610) 888-3783 for pricing and information.


Permission may be requested to reuse copyrighted portions of material from AACE’s journals for various uses, such as use in a textbook, presentation, academic/classroom use, educational activities and training materials. If you are a third party who wishes to reuse journal content, please complete the permission request form.

Individual Requests for Use of AACE Diabetes Algorithm Figures

Individuals are granted permission to use the algorithm slides for educational, non-promotional purposes such as personal reference, use in slide presentations and syllabi/presentation handouts, and it is not necessary to request permission.

Please include citation: "American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists © 2019. Endocr Pract.2018;24:90-120.”

Third Party/Commercial Requests for Use of Algorithm Figures

For use of the algorithm in a funded or supported print or electronic project, publication or product, please complete the permission request form.