FACE Distinction Criteria

Start on your path to earning the FACE distinction. Review the 2020 - 2021 FACE Criteria.

Application for FACE is open to members in good standing of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinology (AACE). Candidates must meet the requirements below in order to be considered.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) – Your CV must be very specific including start and finish dates for all training and professional experience as well as any additional information that is time sensitive. All listed training periods must be verified by an accompanying certificate indicating start and completion dates. Failure to include this information will result in rejection of your application.

Required (United States and International)

  1. Attended an AACE Annual Meeting in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 OR plan to attend *2021. (Annual Meeting CME certificate or certificate of attendance prior years and paid registration for 2021). *Those attending their first annual meeting and receiving FACE in 2021 would not be allowed to defer. This is a one time offer.
  2. Have completed three (3) consecutive years or more of Active dues paying membership in AACE as outlined in the AACE Bylaws. The current year’s dues must have been paid as of January 31 of that year. (e.g., Applying in 2020 for the 2021 Fellows Induction Convocation, 2020 dues must have been paid for by January 31. 2020) The upcoming year(s) dues cannot be applied as one of the three (3) years. (e.g., Applying in 2020 for the 2021 Fellows Induction Convocation, dues must have been paid for 2018, 2019 and 2020.) When dues are not paid for a year, the three consecutive years requirement starts over when the dues are paid. (Prior to applying, verify with the membership department that your dues are current for three (3) years)
  3. Submit two (2) professional letters of recommendation. At least one must be from a member with FACE or MACE. (Master of the American College of Endocrinology). FACE or MACE must be indicated in the signature line of the letter. For Professional Experience, United States, Criterion 4 where three (3) letters are required, at least two (2) must be from members with FACE or MACE. Letters must be uploaded during the application online process. DO NOT have letters sent to AACE. Letters must be individualized. Similar letters will result in rejection of the application. Letters of recommendation from other candidates applying for FACE distinction are not acceptable.
  4. If accepted, must register to attend and be present at the AACE Annual Meeting and participate in the College Fellows Induction Convocation. Any exception to this requirement must be approved by the President of the College.
  5. If accepted, your current dues must be paid by January 31 of the convocation year. Failure to pay by this date will result in delay in induction as FACE until the following year. (e.g., Applying in 2019 for the 2020 Fellows Induction Ceremony, dues for 2020 must be paid by January 31, 2020.)

Note: Italics type indicates the documentation that is needed to verify this requirement. If you are uncertain about the documentation, submit similar documentation and the FACE Application Subcommittee will review the documentation on a case-by-case basis. The ACE President can approve a FACE application in unusual cases which are not covered by any of the specified criteria.

If an applicant’s qualifications cannot be objectively verified, the application will be deferred until such time as ambiguities are clarified. Verification is the responsibility of the candidate, not the College.

Certification/Training (You must select one of the following, then upload the supporting documentation for that selection)

  1. American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) or nationally recognized international equivalent certified endocrinologist. (copy of ABMS certification or translated international equivalent certification) This means that the candidate has successfully passed the nationally or internationally recognized certification exam following completion of an approved two-year training program in endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism.
  2. United States or international board eligible in endocrinology. (copy of certificate of completion of endocrine fellowship or translated international equivalent) This is documentation in the form of a certificate indicating completion of an approved two-year endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism, training program in good standing. Applicant may be required to submit a detailed description of the curriculum.
  3. Formal training in endocrinology that is approximate to requirements of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) (click here for ACGME requirements) formal in-person training in endocrinology – specifically a minimum of two (2) years of endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolism focused training. (copy of certificate of training and signed letter from training program director supporting starting and finishing dates of training, categories of endocrinology disorders that were included in training, and specific endocrine-related duties of trainee)
  4. United States board certified in an endocrinology-related subspecialty which is closely aligned with endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism demonstrating two (2) years training in that subspecialty. (copy of ABMS certification or national certification program required)

Professional Experience

United States (must qualify for one)

  1. Three (3) years of full time clinical endocrine practice after completing endocrine fellowship and becoming Board certified/eligible by US boards. (copy of CV) (Dates mandatory for this option)
  2. Holding an appointment in a division or section of Endocrinology in an accredited American medical school with an academic rank of Associate or full Professor. (copy of CV)
  3. Full-time clinical practice or academic practice in endocrine-related field for at least five (5) years after completion of fellowship. (copy of CV)
  4. Board certified in areas other than endocrinology that performs 50% or more endocrine-related medicine. If selecting this criterion, personal letter describing clinical practice and submit three (3) letters of recommendation, at least two (2) must be from members with FACE or MACE. (personal letter describing clinical practice, letters of recommendation and copy of CV)

International (must qualify for two or more)

  1. Full-time clinical practice or academic practice in endocrinology for at least three (3) years after completing endocrine training. (copy of CV) (Dates mandatory for this option)
  2. Regional, national or international recognition (speaker, lecturer, award winner, etc.) and expertise in the endocrine community. (copy of CV and supporting materials)
  3. Served as editor or associate editor of a major journal of endocrinology. (copy of CV)
  4. Publication of at least two (2) articles in the past ten (10) years in an endocrine audience targeted peer-reviewed journal, such as Endocrine Practice, (excludes abstracts or poster reports) that can be or have been cited in other endocrine literature. (copy of CV)
  5. Held AACE/ACE leadership role or participated in AACE/ACE chapter activities as chapter president, program committee chair, task force chair or committee chair. (Note: Attending a chapter meeting does not fulfill this criterion) (copy of CV) (A letter from the Chapter President documenting position and activities)
  6. Hold an appointment in a division or section of Endocrinology in an accredited international medical school with an academic rank of Associate or Full Professor. (copy of CV)