Already a FACE? Requirements to keep your designation

As a Fellow of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinology (FACE), we applaud you for being a leader in the endocrinology field, and a treasured member of the world’s largest organization representing clinical endocrinology.

FACE recipients must maintain annual community membership and FACE program fees, and renew FACE every three years by engaging with AACE in the following ways: 

  • Option 1: Participate in one activity within three calendar years. 
  • Option 2: Participate in one activity PER YEAR. 

Here are more details on each of the two options:

OPTION 1: Participate in one of the following activities within three calendar years 

  • Attendance (in-person/virtual/recordings) at an AACE Major Meeting (Scientific Conference)
    • Time estimate: Minimum 2 days


  • Be listed as an author on 1 accepted publication in AACE Journals (would include abstracts)
  • Time estimate: Varies greatly pending type of publication - 3 months - 1 year


  • Serve as an author on 1 AACE guideline/white paper task force
  • Time estimate: 9 - 18 months, 10 hours per month average


  • Serve as faculty or speaker on 1 AACE education program
    • Time estimate: 20 - 30 hours of preparation time


OPTION 2: Participate in one of the following activities per calendar year

  • Serve as peer reviewer on 1 AACE education program
    • Time estimate: 2 hours per activity


  • Complete at least 4 hours of on-demand AACE online education courses from AACE’s education catalog


  • Attend an in-person/virtual (1 day or less) AACE national/regional meetings