Transgender Medicine

In today’s world, efforts must be made to improve care for transgender and gender diverse people who often lack access to trained providers who 1)focus on comfort with diagnosis of diverse gender identity and/or gender dysphoria; 2)have knowledge of available evidence-based treatment guidelines; and 3) emphasize the personalization of treatment options based on the gender identity of the individual.

This slide set discusses the following topics:

  • Use of appropriate terms and definitions that best describe transgender and gender diverse people.
  • Apply the basics of transgender medicine and hormone therapy to provide adequate care for transgender patients.
  • Incorporate long-term medical and surgical monitoring and management in the treatment of transgender patients.

Transgender and gender diverse people represent a large diverse population of individuals. These people may seek a variety of ways to affirm their gender identity including social transition (changing names and pronouns), hormone therapy, surgery (genital and non-genital) and voice therapy.

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