AACE Medical Guidelines for Clinical Practice for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Acromegaly © 2011

Acromegaly is a disorder characterized by growth hormone (GH) hypersecretion, multisystem-associated morbidities, and increased mortality. In 2004, the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) published medical guidelines for the clinical management of acromegaly (1 [“evidence level” or EL 4]). Those guidelines summarized the then-current literature on the management of acromegaly and have been used for the clinical approach to patients with that disorder. Since publication of those guidelines, a number of studies have addressed further the biochemical diagnostic criteria for acromegaly and the appropriate biochemical assessment for therapeutic monitoring. In addition, the literature regarding medical therapy, in particular the use of combination medical therapy for acromegaly, has expanded. The goals of these guidelines are to update clinicians regarding all aspects in the current management of acromegaly and to use methods of current clinical practice guidelines (CPG) to support the recommendations.