AACE Protocol for Standardized Production of Clinical Practice Guidelines, Algorithms, and Checklists - 2017 Update

This 2017 update in CPG development consists of:

(1) a paradigm change wherein first, environmental scans identify important clinical issues and needs, second, CPA construction focuses on these clinical issues and needs, and third, CPG provide CPA node/edge-specific scientific substantiation and appended CC;

(2) inclusion of new technical semantic and numerical descriptors for evidence types, subjective factors, and qualifiers; and

(3) incorporation of patient-centered care components such as economics and transcultural adaptations, as well as implementation, validation, and evaluation strategies. This third point highlights the dominating factors of personal finances, governmental influences, and third-party payer dictates on CPGAC implementation, which ultimately impact CPGAC development.

The AACE/ACE guidelines for the CPGAC program is a successful and ongoing iterative exercise to optimize endocrine care in a changing and challenging healthcare environment.

**A new updated algorithm is coming in May 2023**