Avoiding Hypoglycemia in the Hospital Setting

Key Points

  • Various patient- and provider-specific factors may increase the risk of inpatient hypoglycemia

  • Hypoglycemia is costly
    • Patient level: increases risk of complications
    • Institutional level: increases cost of care and may reduce reimbursement (Medicare “never” event)

  • Intensive insulin therapy increases the risk of severe hypoglycemia but not hypoglycemia-associated mortality
    • Hypoglycemia predicts higher mortality among hypoglycemic patients who are not receiving insulin, not in patients treated with insulin
    • Hypoglycemia-associated inpatient mortality is not drug-associated but linked to comorbidities

  • Strategies to prevent hypoglycemia
    • Regular glucose monitoring, adjustment of insulin doses, and administration of carbohydrate, IV dextrose, or glucagon as needed
    • Improved communication and coordination between departments (nursing, dietary, transportation, pharmacy)

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